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Create users when Add Order from BackEnd Woocommerce WordPress


How i can create auto or manual a user from Add Order BackEnd in Woocommerce?

When the clients call for orders the Shop Manager add the order manual from Woocommerce BackEnd Add Order page.

But the normal woocommerce plugin dont have the option to create a user to for this order.

Some idea how i can implement this option on that page?

On the website frontend its simple the customer can make the account on the checkout easy just to put in the password.

Answers (1)


Eric P. answers:

Well, first, I don't think you want this to be automatic. Some people "call in" orders because they don't have a PC or an email address, or because they don't want an "account" on a website that could be hacked and used to buy things on their account.

I see some potential security issues here, too. There's the ever present "we'll never ask you for your password" policy that most reputable website operators have. How will the user set the password? Giving the password to the Shop Manager is insecure (the shop manager will have the password). Selecting a random password and emailing that only to the user and making it expire fairly quickly would work. Or creating an account with an "unknown" random password, and making the user go through the "Set my password (I forgot it or this is a new account invitation)" link/process would also work.

A better choice might be for the Shop Manager to use the front end if the user wants an account, and perhaps use a remote control or screen sharing service/app like or TeamViewer to allow the user to participate in this, set up the account and pick their own password, etc.

Another choice would be to ask up front if the user wants an account, set up the user account first (Users->Add User), then when you do the order in the back end, attach the order to the new user.

Balanean Corneliu comments:

On the phone the Shop Managers ask for an email when the customer place an order. If we can make the add user with random password generate or something like this it will be betther is not necesary to have acces to add a password. We have this problem because some users ask for rewards points and without account we cant generate points for theare orders. It will be perfect if the sistem go to Create user if have email added in the order. And send to the customer an email with a pasword or with the message to reset the pasword for acces to the site.

Eric P. comments:

Short term workaround, have the shop manager ask up front "Do you want to participate in our rewards program? do you have an email address?" If yes to both, then before entering the order in the back end, do the User->Add New step with the email address. Then associate the manually entered order with the new user account. Be sure that you don't check the "Skip confirmation email" box, the user will need the confirmation email to log in the first time.

Long term fix, either contact the WooCommerce folks and request this feature in a future update, or commission someone to make a supplemental plugin to automate the process and send invites/create user accounts for all orders with an email address but no "user" associated with it. I'm putting the basic (free) woocommerce plugin on one of my test sites right now to look at how difficult that would be.

Balanean Corneliu comments:

Ok ty Eric i waiting for a price for this plugin.

Balanean Corneliu comments:

If i was me to add the orders was fast and ok to add user manuali and other but for the guys from the logistic office is not so easy:D they are not programers:)

Balanean Corneliu comments:

With a little help from Eric i think i go to try the new idea for solve this problem.A register popup on the Add Order page.