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Create 2 comment feeds per post WordPress



I am looking to create a wordpress site that displays one post - with 2 comment feeds, the comments would be 2 columns side by side, threaded comments, and 2 comment forms.

How can I split it up on a post - and in the admin how would it look, could the comments be tagged on which feed they commented in.

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Buzu B answers:

What would be the reason to split the comments? How do you decide which comment goes on which column?

Chad Mueller comments:

Look at it this way - the post ask a question "Who do you think would win in a fight?"
Captain America or The Hulk

A commenter would pick it's side and explain why - so one comment feed could be leveraged over the other - as well as possibly rating the comment so it has more leverage as well.

Buzu B comments:

Oh, cool. It sounds like a pretty good idea. I definitely would like to work on that. If you want me to take care of that let me know.
I'm pretty much leaving now. I'll be back in a few hours. If you have no one working on this by then, and you want me to work on it, I definitely am interested.



enodekciw answers:

I've made a custom theme like this.
My solution was:
One comment form + some custom radio buttons to express opinion. Later on, comments can be sorted (or marked) by those opinions. And also, there is overall result above in the post.
Wanna see example? Check it out [[LINK href=""]]right here[[/LINK]] (it's not english one, but it should be easy to get the idea).

Tho, i won't sell those complete codes. But I could develop something similar for you. Tho', it would cost more than 20$ ;)

Chad Mueller comments:

The percentage bar - how does that work - is it counting the comments, and just outputting a percentage.

enodekciw comments:

It is counting comments :) and changes dinamically depending on people opinions.


Pali Madra answers:

I would need a couple of days to implement this within the budget you have laid out.

Let me know if you want me to give it a shot.

Thanks and Regards,
Pali Madra

Pali Madra comments:


The plugin at would help you do this. Of course the plugin will have to be tweeted.

As I had mentioned in my previous message I can implement this if you want.

Pali Madra