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Correct minor issues with plug in WordPress


I have a plug in that I purchased that is not being supported by the developer. No returned emails, no forum etc. I have the following issues with it:

1) It displays the database fieldnames alongside the fields.

2) The custom fields don't display in the order added.

3) The image field (for logos) displays at the bottom of the listing and I would like it at the top under the link to the listee's website.

4) When the 'details' for the listing is selected, I would like the listing to display in a separate window.

5) I would like the listing to include the option to add a google map, which would display in the separate window with the rest of the listing.

This is an immediate need. You can see the existing display at There is one listing and you will need to click on 'details' to see a sample full listing.

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Khanh Cao answers:

Hi, I'm a WP custom fields plugin developer as well, I may be able to solve your problems but this requires access to the site's code. Contact me if you'd like to talk about the problem in more details.


Eddie Moya answers:


I have written many plugins that have similar features. I work for a major media outlet and have dedicated 100% of my time to WordPress. I work fast, and am sure we can come to a reasonable price.

Contact me through the my profile if you are interested or have any questions about what I do.


flashingcursor answers:


Though I'm sure many of us could help, without knowing the underlying code, I doubt anyone will be able to do much on this one.

What you're trying to do can be done quite easily with custom post types in WordPress 3.0, I would normally charge $500 to code and implement a one-off plugin for you.

That said, I'm sure you'd be able to find a plugin that suits your needs, that already exists, for much less - if not free.

Diane Cox comments:

I don't have a problem paying to get this issue resolved. I would have however need references from other satisfied customers and a guarantee to upgrade the plug in for about three Wordpress upgrades.

flashingcursor comments:


I'd love to help you with this one -- but at the moment, I'm booked solid for several weeks. If you're able to DIY things, I would suggest trying a few of the plugins available in the WP Plugin directory. I believe a few (with some styling changes) might just do what you need.

If you do require help, or don't find anything that suites your needs, I highly recommend these guys: -- Pluginize (that is an affiliate link). I'm sure they'll have no problem getting you exactly what you need, or modifying the code you're currently using to work exactly the way you'd like it.


Andrew C answers:

lol 10 bucks?

Diane Cox comments:

Basically, you have to pay to post a listing for a job. Your attitude would of course preclude further investigation.


Monster Coder answers:

i have visited the site and wanted to understand the first issue! but I did not notice anything! can you kindly explain a bit more!

Diane Cox comments:

The fieldnames from the database (id, etc) are displaying alongside the information. The custom fields, when entered, display in random order, which doesn't work well for addresses - lol. Basically, I know not having the database field description display is a simple code issue, and getting the custom fields to display in the order they are entered should be pretty simple too. Having the 'detail' entry display in a pop-window is more complex and so is adding the map feature. I can work with you to see the back end of the process if you can provide me with some references from satisfied customers for similar work. I know you can't come up with a reasonable quote without seeing the code. I would also want three updates as Wordpress updates included in the quote.