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Content not shown in firefox, safari and iphone safari WordPress

Hi! I built a site with the wordpress headway theme in chrome. A certain area is shown like expected in chrome, but if I look at the site in firefox, safari and mobile safari it is not shown. Does anyone know why?

Its the area (block) attached as an image right under the reservation box which is missing...

Answers (1)


Albert Shala answers:

I can see the black box in both ff and chrome, but in ff the text for the date picker etc is too large for the area so it appears cut off, i would set explicit height and width, that usually helps.

klaus dyba comments:

yeah i will fix that later, but its about the content under the black box. the creditcard infos and the firefox icon. Do you see this in chrome?

Albert Shala comments:

No i don't see it in either FF or Chrome...

Albert Shala comments:

This is what I see... seems no content is being generated