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Content Breaks Page WordPress


I'm incredibly frustrated any can not figure this out and this is probably more of a CSS question than a Wordpress one, but I can't find an answer.

My theme is a child of Twenty Eleven and works great everywhere but IE7. In IE7, the contents of the page won't stay contained in the div. The div doesn't re-size to accommodate the content, it just ends.

The site:

Answers (4)


Christianto answers:

On #main ( style.css line 705 ) you define height 17px maybe that the problem..
you should set to auto or remove it..

Chris H comments:

Thank you.
I knew it would be something that makes me look like an idiot.
Thank you.


Clifford P answers:

I haven't looked at your coding, but what are you using to test IE7 view? I used Adobe Browser Lab and saw that IE7 and IE6 both had display issues. Just FYI.

Chris H comments:

I'm not concerned with IE6 at all and I'm viewing it in IE7 (via Parallels).


John Cotton answers:

Try putting this br in between these two end divs:

</div><!-- #content -->
<br style="clear:both;"/>
</div><!-- #primary -->

Chris H comments:

Didn't work.


S├ębastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

it sounds like a problem with "float"

add just a <div style="clear;both"></div>
like that

<div id="primary">
<div style="clear;both"></div>