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Contact Form 7 and Wysija (Mailpoet) WordPress


I had that integration working, and it stopped. I need the code again to make it work.

BTW, since it was not working, I made the Contact Form 7 update, so I'd have to reintegrate the code.

PPL r having the same issue:

Answers (1)


Balanean Corneliu answers:

This code is not working enymore? You have tested after update?

function wysija_contactform7_subscribe($cfdata) {

$formdata = $cfdata->posted_data;


if you use different name/id attribute for CF7

please change 'your-name' and 'your-email'


$user_name = $formdata['your-name'];

$user_email = $formdata['your-email'];


change this according to your user list id you want this user to subscribe,


$listID = array( 'my_list_ID_1', 'my_list_ID_2' );


'email' => $user_email,

'firstname' => $user_name



'user' => $userData,

'user_list' => array( 'list_ids'=> $listID )





add_action('wpcf7_mail_sent', 'wysija_contactform7_subscribe', 1);