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Comment reply in gravy framework stopped working WordPress


I am currently developing a site using the gravy baseline theme and for some reason, the comment reply link is not working or even displaying, there is just and empty div in the source:

<div class="reply></div>

I have used this theme several times before with no problems including on Wordpress 3.0.

I have installed the theme fresh in a new installation of Wordpress 3.0 and still the problem appears. However I currently have another site using the same theme and the same version of wordpress and the comment reply link works fine.

Here is it not working on the current dev site:

Here is it working on one dev site:

And here is it not working on a fresh Wordpress install with a fresh copy of gravy:

In none of these themes or installations have I edited the comments functions in the functions.php or comments.php in the theme; or comment-reply.js found in wp-includes/js/

Answers (3)


Utkarsh Kukreti answers:

Can you confirm if Threaded Comments are enabled from Settings -> Discussion?


Pippin Williamson answers:

All three work fine.

Clear your browser cache then try again. Your cache can be cleared from your preferences panel, or the file menu if you're using Mac OS X.

And make sure that threaded comments are enabled in Settings > Discussion


Oleg Butuzov answers:

it works

Oleg Butuzov comments:

1) check what browser you using?
2) logout - look on form / login again take look