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My new website is built on a theme (based on page-builder and with lots of ajax) that's too complicated for me. I've customized it quite heavily and now there's a few bugs and my lightbox plugin isn't working. I need someone to look at that one php file that's creating problems and clean it up, delete what's not necessary from it, and hopefully figure out the lightbox bug.

Here's the draft of the site: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

As you can see, in the portfolio section, the thumbnails take you to 3 different types of files:
1. pictures that are supposed to show up in lightbox (doesn't work - when you look at the source, the href is empty)
2 pdfs that display in issuu viewer (that works, thankfully)
3. and external links with target="_blank". These only work if I take out a class from the code but that makes the lightbox problem even worse (now the pictures open the website again in a new window... urgh.)

Additionally a friend who's on Firefox/Windows (I'm on Chrome/Mac) tells me that the site is crashing his navigator, so there's clearly a big bug/conflict somewhere. This happens even when I turn off the lightbox plugin.

I will give access to the code and give more explanations to the kind soul who can fix this for me!

Thank you :)

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zebra webdesigns answers:

Hello Marie

Can you mail me the details of your website to [email protected]
Or send PM to me.
Will look in to the issue and fix it as soon as possible.

you are using smarland theme

I can see the demo site is working perfectly.
So my advise would be take the backup.
disable the plugins and check whether you get it work.

To investigate further regarding the lightbox I need the login details.
If you want I can help you through teamviewer

Marie-Charlotte Pezé comments:


Yes, I'm using Smarald, but I customized it heavily, I can't use the back-up. Because I'm not very proficient in php and ajax, I probably screwed some things up and created conflicts. It would be really great to find someone who could clean up the code and finish the customization to get rid of the bugs.

Would you be able to do that?

zebra webdesigns comments:

Ya marie.
If you can provide the cpanel or website detail I will look in to it and fix it.
I will send the reports as soon as possible