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Coda Blue/ Coda Slider: links insider the slider WordPress


I'm using a pretty visually modified version of the Coda Blue theme ([[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]])

I tried asking the developer directly this question but haven't gotten a response...

The navigation of the theme is placed outside of the sliding content, but how would I go about putting links to other panels within the sliding content?

Answers (3)


Rashad Aliyev answers:

Share your site link. I want to look at this.

Best regards,

Chris H comments:

My build is currently on a testing server I can't share, but the code is the same as the link I gave


S├ębastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

Simply :
if you want a link to "requirement", the code is :
<a href="#requirements">go to "Requirements"</a>

the list of links to others tabs :

<a href="#instructions">go to "Instructions"</a>
<a href="#resources">go to "Resources"</a>
<a href="#license">go to "License"</a>
<a href="#contact">go to "Contact"</a>

Chris H comments:

That doesn't work.

S├ębastien | French WordpressDesigner comments:

yes, that works :-)

could you give me the url where you have try my code ?

Chris H comments:

It should work, but it doesn't.


jevusi answers:

jevusi comments:

i see you have probably change the ID of each panel
So now in your site the ID are

so the links must be :
<a href="#home-2">go to home</a>
<a href="#registration">go to registration</a>
<a href="#agenda-2">go to agenda</a>
<a href="#speakers">go to speakers</a>
<a href="#location">go to location</a>
<a href="#activities-2">go to activities</a>

Chris H comments:

I changed the ids so there there is no 2 in anything, and it still doesn't work.

jevusi comments:

so if you have remove -2 you can use

<a href="#home">HOME</a>
<a href="#Registration">REGISTRATION</a>

<a href="#Agenda">AGENDA</a>
<a href="#Speakers">SPEAKERS</a>
<a href="#Location">LOCATION</a>
<a href="#Activities">ACTIVITIES</a>

and replace
<img src="" alt="ACCELERATE YOUR THINKING"<strong>></strong>

Chris H comments:

Links inside the slider still won't work.
And I'm not sure I would change the header image?

jevusi comments:

no, no, no, Chris. I don't said to you to change an image. I said to you to add > after the code which insert the image.
The tag img is not closed, maybe the problem comes from here.

Chris H comments:

img tag closed, still no fix.