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Changing Featured Image Size in Autofocus+ Pro WordPress


The default size of the frontpage image is 800px by 300px. I would like to change the height to 400px. I have changed the image sizes in functions.php, the css stylesheet, and the WP media settings.

The image area has made the necessary changes to 400px but the image is still 300px height.

How do i make it to change?

Answers (4)


Oleg Butuzov answers:

can you provide theme to check settings?
[email protected]

James Quest comments:

Its a premium child theme, paid $15 for it - wud it be legal to share it?

Oleg Butuzov comments:

Your right, this isn't a correct way. I don't have this theme to check code for solving issue required by you task. However i have ask for it just becaus you have a problems, not me. and solving this task required a reading code. witch i don't have.

good luck!


Bill Hunt answers:

A link would be helpful in debugging this. It might be worth clearing your browser's cache to make sure you're not looking at a cached version. Failing that, try inspecting the element with Firebug in Firefox (or Safari's web inspector panel, or whatever) to make sure that the css is taking to the element correctly.

James Quest comments:

The link is:

I have cleared cache, and checked firebug in firefox - the css seems to work fine. Wat else cud be the problem?

Bill Hunt comments:

It looks like the image tag itself is restricting the size, so you may need to go into your Settings > Media and make sure that the Large size allows the 400x800 image. You may also need to rebuild the thumbnails of your images since you've made your changes, I use the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to do this.

James Quest comments:

Had already tried that....nothing!!!


Chris Olbekson answers:

The div container and the image are both 400px on my browser. Is this problem solved or do you still need help?

James Quest comments:

Its actually not 400px, somehow its gotten itself to slightly less than 600px. Dont understand why...


rilwis answers:

Find in functions.php file this line:

add_image_size( 'front-page-thumbnail', 800, 300, true ); // Front Page thumbnail size

and change it into:

add_image_size( 'front-page-thumbnail', 800, 400, true ); // Front Page thumbnail size

You can change to any size here (800 is the width, 400 is the height)