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Change width & change widgets WordPress


I need some help with two things at

1. In the first widget - Agoda hotel search box - I want to change the width to 300px

2. I haven´t put any content in widgets 2,3 & 4 but still they are visibile.
I don´t want to be visible when I don´t put any content in them


Answers (4)


Gal Zohar answers:

hope this helps...

Charlotte Raboff comments:

You must have replied to the wrong questions..

Gal Zohar comments:



Just Me answers:

change style.css at line 162

select#cat {
margin: 10px 0 0 !important;
width: 300px; /* enter the value you need */

You'll have to create an if-loop for the widgets. If no content (you will have to check what value is used) don't display.

Just Me comments:

ok, I think I looked at the wrong one but I can't find the words you mention

Charlotte Raboff comments:

I change the style.ccs but it´s still the same width...

I don´t know how to create an if-loop....can you tell what exactly to put in, thanks!

Just Me comments:

it would help to have temporary access to your WordPress installation. If you want you can send it using my profile.


Peter Michael answers:


#agoda_searchbox_wrapper {
width:430px !important;

and change the width to 300px. This CSS rule probably came with the Agoda widget.

#2: You added empty text widgets?

Peter Michael comments:

As for #2 you probably have empty sidebars (no widgets added) thus default content is displayed. Try adding an empty text widget to each unused sidebar and check if this solves the issue.

Charlotte Raboff comments:

I can´t find agoda code in the style.css - where can it been then?

I have added empty text widgets but then I still see the widgets - I want them to be invisible...

Charlotte Raboff comments:

I find the agoda code in the header...

Peter Michael comments:

The agoda code is in the text widget you added, not in the style.css.

If you want to completely get rid of the other sidebars, edit your functions.php and change
register_sidebars(4); to register_sidebars(1);

Please be aware that you might have to re-add all existing widgets if you make this change. Another solution would be to remove the default content from the sidebar, which is probably in sidebar.php, but that depends on your theme.

Charlotte Raboff comments:

I change it to register_sidebars(1); but I can still see 3 others...

Charlotte Raboff comments:

re register_sidebars(1);

Peter, can you help me with the sidebars.....they are still visible, thanks!
though I don´t see them in the admin anymore ..

Peter Michael comments:

Sorry, have been away. Still need help or you got it figured?

Charlotte Raboff comments:

Hi Peter, thanks for your reply.

Yes, is still see widget 2, 3 and 4 on the public website but not in admin anymore..

Peter Michael comments:

Please send me a temporary administrator login for your WP installation via PM.


Luke America answers:

Without actually modifying your sidebar source code, in sidebars.php for example, here's a css trick that should make them disappear.

At the bottom of your style.css file, add the following:

#sidebar1 {display:none;}
#sidebar2 {display:none;}
#sidebar3 {display:none;}