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Change product background image via slider/carousel(woocommerce) WordPress


Hi there,

I have a woocommerce question for you.I want to put a slider just below the product image which would change the background of the product image when background image selected by the customer. See here how user selected carousel image changes the background of the product image.Can you help with that?

Answers (2)


Ian Lincicome answers:

This is actually pretty simple if you are good with css and JavaScript. TO make it look like your example, you can edit your style sheet's .product.images class declaration to read lijke this:
.single-product .product .images {
width: 180px;
float: left;
background-image: url('');

iff you have a Woocommerce theme like Wootique, it will be in your theme's style.css file, otherwise it will be in a Woocommerce style sheet probably, but should be easy enough to find with Firefox's inspect element feature or with firebug.

Now that you have found what changes your background image, simply add some JavaScript or Jquery to change the background image and link it to the different background thumbnails you wish to use and incorporate the code into your current theme or create a child-theme.

I think it would be best to hire someone if you don't understand how to do it from this brief explanation. If you decide to, I'd be happy to work with you. Otherwise, if you can do it yourself and just need a little help, I'll be here to answser any questions you have. Good luck and I"m looking forward to your reply.

Sorry, I didn't reply, to your message on time, for some reason the interface to reply wasn't working for me. WHen I try to reply, it things I am trying to open a file....IDK lol. but just email me at [email protected] if you want to discuss as I can't answer here for some reason.

senti comments:


I am not good at neither of them.So I need your help...My theme has its own woocommerce folder(also custom css plugin installed by the developer to prevent changes overridden by the upgrades). Please let me know how much should increase the prize to get this done? Thanks

senti comments:

Thank you Sabby Sam for your reply.I know i need to increase the price.Ian Lin gets the priority though as he was the one who answered my question first. I am going to contact you if I don't hear from him within couple hours.

senti comments:

@Sabby Sam, can you tell me how much I should increase the price? Thanks

senti comments:

Hi Ian,

I'm still waiting for your answer. I will request a refund for this question if I don't hear from you.Cause as you know I am not capable of doing this by myself but if you can give me step by step information I might...Please let me know.Thanks


Sabby Sam answers:

Hi Senti,
These jobs are required customization. You can hire me for the same job and I can do this job. My email Id is [email protected] Please remember you need to extent the rice for the job.