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Change color & space WordPress



1. Where do I change the color of the headline and the date in the ccs.file?

2. If I write a text directly under the image it makes a big line break
How do I change it? If I write the text directly under the image I don´t want any line break.



Answers (2)


Andrzej answers:

Date & headline color:

/* date */
.date { color: #00ff00; }

/* headline */
.post h2, .post h2 a { color: #00ff00; }

You can adjust hex values to color you need.

And, re the line break, write the description just after closing of [/a] tag, witout break in back-end editor, that should do.


Jimish Gamit answers:

change in wp-content/themes/cleanr-new/style.css line no 79
.date { color : CC0000}
and kine n0 77
.post a {color : CC0000}

and for line break line no 85
.entry a img { margin : ***}
put .entry a img { margin : 0px}

Charlotte Raboff comments:

I just change the line 85 but it still makes a line break ..

Jimish Gamit comments:

don't you want even a single line break ? do you want text beside to IMAGE ?

Jimish Gamit comments:

do you want text over the image ?

Charlotte Raboff comments:

I want it like the attached image..