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Change Thumbnail size in wpfolio WordPress


I'm trying to change the default size for post thumbnails in wpfolio. Changing the settings>media size does not work. This, according to posts I have read, means the size is hardcoded(?), if that's the term, into the theme. I'd like to make them smaller and perhaps make the thumbnail title a bit larger (the text size isn't as important). Ideally, if I could try a couple of sizes before deciding, that would be best.

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RNWest answers:


Post a site url so we can take a look.


Michael Carroll comments:

Sorry. Here's the page. And apologies, I know a few things but I'm a composer, not a coder, so if the solution is "just put this in the loop on your template files," sorry, I won't know what to do. Here is the url for the page with the thumbnails (my podcasts)
I've used generate thumbnails plugin to grab the thumbnail image from my post.

RNWest comments:

It appears in this theme you can just change the function.php

Look for and change the 150
// This adds support for post thumbnails of 150px square
set_post_thumbnail_size( 150, 150,true );


Michael Carroll comments:

Yes, that worked. So easy, thank you. Now I must figure out how to award your prize money…

Michael Carroll comments:

Hi RNWest, it seems wpquestions has erased my profile and lost the fact that I've paid money, though they have collected it. I have a message into support and will keep you posted.

Michael Carroll comments:

Just back from a power failure here in the high desert (it's monsoon season). Still awaiting a reply from tech support. The money I deposited has just gone poof. Worry, not, payment shall be made as soon as they find it!


Pixel Coder answers:

Hi there Mikie,

A few edits you have to make for this. I haven't look at WPfolio however here's what you need.


add_image_size('your-thumbnail', X, Y);

Make sure the above is within the <?php tags ?>
X = new width of thumbnail.
Y = new height of thumbnail.

single.php (if the thumbnail appears here).
Find the line that calls the thumbnail and place this instead.


Repeat the second process for any theme files that call the thumbnail.

If you would like me to make these edits for you, please send a message.

Hope that helps.

Michael Carroll comments:

I've found posts with similar code solutions but could never find how they fit in my particular theme. I have a child theme, wpfolio-child-theme, if that has bearing. So, okay, yes, if you can do that for me (or at least give no=brainer instructions). This is my first question on wpquestions so I thought first person up but I haven't heard from them so I'm thinking they gave up? I know this particular theme is, for some reason, temperamental in this regard. Here's the url for the page with thumbnails:

Michael Carroll comments:

Please hold off, the guy above did answer, I just didn't reload the page. I tried his suggestion and it worked. So please do not work on this as he has already given an answer. Not sure I'm comfortable with tossing you both against each other but I think it's only fair at this point. Hope you agree.

Pixel Coder comments:

No problems, many thanks.

Keep at it, you'll be joining us soon.

Michael Carroll comments:

Okay, thank you. It appears wpquestions website is having serious issues. I never received notice of replies to this question save the initial ones. That's why I missed it. Now, they have erased my profile, and have lost the fact that I have money to pay, even though they have already collected it! Ha, computers :) I'm sure this will be worked out, but it does make me look a little dopey. BTW, I'll be back over the weekend with another more complicated teaser. Thanks again. BTW, Camel Audio (a Scots music software company) are the bomb, we love Scotland!

Pixel Coder comments:

Hey Mikie, was just listening to your podcast a moment ago it sounds lovely. Was a little unsure of the message / context though. you reminded me of Bob Ross.

yes i have the same issues here, although there might be a place to configure notifications. Not entirely sure of that one.

lovely site, very useful and very helpful all round. the creators are good people who do a lot for the WordPress community.

thanks for update, Scotlandddddddddddddd :)

Michael Carroll comments:

Not meaning to overdo the tennis email. Thanks for the props. Those are just two of 37 episodes. It's a half-hour variety show on public radio, KUT Austin, Texas being my biggest market. I'm just building the site as a redesign of my existing one where all the episodes reside (none podacstable) You might like episode 8, an interview with an old school BBC'er (though he's English:))

Pixel Coder comments:

Thanks Mikie will check that out. Sounds like you are on quite the journey, some very lovely and very smart people in Texas.

Layer comments it is. The guy who got me into web design was from West Virginia, sadly he's no longer with us. Later met a very wonderful online buddy from Austin. Very intelligent person indeed.

Well, keep in touch anything you need we are all here only too willing.

Best of luck