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Category archive page instead of page WordPress


Hello, i had a page slug as a category name (but i do not use category in this web site), so to make display right page instead archive category page i renamed category (before: corsi e seminari, after: generica).

Slug is:

The problem?
Now when logged in wordpress i can see correct page, when not (as a normal visitor) i see category page.

I've also cleared browser cache but without result.


Answers (1)


Joshua Nelson answers:

Just to confirm, did you change the slug of the category as well as the category name? If you have (or do) and it still doesn't display properly, try refreshing your permalinks (goto Settings > Permalinks and select page number, save settings, then post name, save settings). If that doesn't work, try changing the slug of the page as well as the category and see if you can view the page. I would clear your cache between as well.

maryhellen comments:

Thanks. It works. I save settings and everything is fine.

Prize is your!

Joshua Nelson comments:

Great, glad to hear it!