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Cannot edit a theme WordPress


Hi there,

I am new to Wordpress. I need to edit footer.php in my theme. I have tried editing it in Dreamweaver and then uploading it via FTP. And I have gone to Appearance > Editor within the wordpress admin interface and tried to edit the code directly. But I can't make the changes "stick."

In FTP, while my new footer.php seems to overwrite the old footer.php, the code doesn't actually change. In the wp admin interface, I am not able to save my code changes. I get this message instead of a save button: "You need to make this file writable before you can save your changes. See the Codex for more information." [[LINK href=""]]See screenshot[[/LINK]].

In my FTP app (Transmit), I have set all of my theme files (and the theme folder) to chmode 777 and then I tried 666. Same story- nothing changes. [[LINK href=""]]See screenshot[[/LINK]].

I have tried de-activing my plugins. The only plugin I have activated is the add.this plugin for sharing blog entries.



Answers (2)


Milan Petrovic answers:

Setting CHMOD is not enough. For files you need to have 644 and folder 755, but you also need to have properly set file ownership (CHOWN). Giving 777 is not good solution since it opens doors to exploitation and security problems.

Since settings proper rights depends on your hosting and I can't give you exact solution. But, here are the resources that can help you figure out what CHMOD and CHOWN you need to set on your hosting. Also, some hostings (shared mostly) don't allow direct use of CHOWN, and if that's the case you need hosting admin to set things right.

Kelli Anderson comments:

So, for my theme folder, "myriadtechsolutions", I need to have a CMODE of 755. And then for my files within that folder (footer.php et al.), I need to have a CMODE of 644. Is this correct? I've just done this through FTP (transmit).

I don't have access to a cpanel or web admin through my host, but they are amenable to making any changes for me. So you are saying that my host needs to access the mysql database and change the CHOWN properties? Can you let me know what I should tell them to do?



Milan Petrovic comments:

CHOWN is set on the file system, not database. CHOWN is set for files and folders, just like CHMOD is. But, the fact that you don't even have access to panel or some web admin interface is a problem, and hosting might not even allow such changes. But, you can try to explain them that they need to change files and folders ownership so that WordPress can access them (usually owner for this is called www-data) and in the same time you have FTP access over these files. I can't explain in more details, because this is highly dependent on the hosting and the Unix/Linux they are running. But, I am sure that if they are willing to do this, they know exactly what and how to do it.


Erez S answers:

You need to give 777 chmod to the file,not to the directory can upload the files directly to your FTP without editing it in your admin panel

Erez S comments:

If stull now work,can you give me your FTP details and your blog details and I'll see what is the problem

Erez S comments:

*If stull now=If still not