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Can't find Mimbo 2.2 configuration Options in Appearances? WordPress


I'm working on a clients old mimbo 2.2 theme site. I want to change the configuration, especially to make changes to the front page. Places I've looked advise using the "Mimbo Options", accessed through WP's "Appearances" tab. That seems obvious, but for some reason there is no "Mimbo Options" feature, displaying in the Appearances section, or any where else I can find. Why not? Where is it? Can I turn it on?

Answers (3)


Darren Hoyt answers:

Version 2.2 doesn't have a control panel actually - that was only introduced in version 3.0.


Edouard Duplessis answers:

I don't have mimbo installed but since, I'm a wp developpper... the change you gonna make is in the style.css or in the functions.php or index.php

and i find you [[LINK href=""]]article for mimbo[[/LINK]]


Erez S answers:

take the functions.php and copy the source of the file and create new plugin which contain the functions.php source and then activte it and everything should work and if you want send me the functions.php source and i will do it for you