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Can anyone help add a jquery or mootools script to my WP site? WordPress


I am a newbie to jquery/mootools. I have found a few scripts that I would like to incorporate into my site, but I have no idea how to do it. I've become frustrated from searching online for a week trying to figure it out...

I am looking to add a navigation element to my homepage directly underneath my homepage slider.

Check out these two websites, these are good examples what I need: (the hover/slider buttons with Advertising, Web Dev, Int Marketing) (the vertical tabs with Strategy, Design and Technology)

I needed this like yesterday. Please help!

Here is a mootools plugin that I would like to incorporate:

I need help from start to finish on how to implement this into my site and make this work.


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Duncan O'Neill answers:


the mootools plugin you point to seems to be written for Joomla, not WordPress.

You need to go to and search the plugin section for mootools;

This one looks like a good candidate;

That will add the mootools *Framework* to your site.

*Then* you'll need your theme to be ready to display the tabs, *then* you'll need a moo-tools plugin / coding which will add configure and display the tabbed area.

Because you've given no website address it's difficult to know how ready your theme is.

So, there's quite a bit of work there from start to finish.

Can I suggest that you increase the prize-money for this question. It's likely then you'll have more experts coming forward to walk you through the entire process.