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Can Geo Places V3 theme be duplicated as switching mobile theme? WordPress

I have a travel website ([[LINK href=""]]Travel Thailand[[/LINK]]) which uses the Templatic Geo Places V3 theme with multiple widget layout panels. I don't like how it renders on mobile devices with the mobile plugins and themes I've been able to find so far.

What would I need to do (step by step) to duplicate this theme as a mobile theme, so I can tweak the CSS and relocate sidebar widgets to the main content areas? Would that work for mobiles? Would there be conflicts between the original and mobile versions of the theme?

So what I mean is, I'll have the same theme installed twice (with the second renamed as Geo Places Mobile) and use a theme switcher for mobile devices (and which is the best plugin to use for this).

I don't need someone to customise the theme, just some ideas on where to start and what problems I'm likely to encounter doing this.

Thanks, Tony

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ej_emman answers:

Hello Tony,

You don't need to install two themes and then switch which themes will come up on between mobile browser and Desktop browser. Maybe its possible, but you may have a hard time doing it.

My Idea is to edit the mobile theme you have in your plug-in. You have installed mobile plugin. right? Maybe it is best when you just edit that one located on your plugin directory.

Hope this will you.



Hardeep Singh answers:

Hello Tony,

How-to achieve this?
- Install Theme switcher plugin
- Copy theme with a new name
- Configure theme switcher to use new/copy theme for mobile browsers.
- Verify the theme via mobile browser
- start customizations. (this will be on need basis and would require to update new/copy theme files to display/hide content & sidebars )

Response to queries:
- No, same theme will not work as is. You would have to fix the dimensions of the theme for better viewing on the mobile.
- [[LINK href=""]]Theme By Browser[[/LINK]], I used its older free version but could find its link
- No, this process will not have any conflicts in themes.

If needed we can provide support separately for personalized help(chargeable) on this over Skype. Please share your Skype via PM/email

We did the same for one of our clients and is live now.


P.S. Client Site address is available on request via PM