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Cache a Json feed with wp-super-cache on Wordpress WordPress



I'm looking for a wordpress developer in order to modify my wp-super-cache plugin.

My problem is quite simple :
I'm using wp super cache and the plugin JSON API. I need to cache JSON feed because the Android app for my website access to posts in JSON and it is really slow without caching.

For example, i need to cache all url beginning with :

The developer of wp-super-cache said me that I have to take the development version of the plugin and tell the plugin what closing tag to check for to make sure the page is complete :

So he advices me to use the "wp_cache_eof_tags" filter to add my html tag to it. For him, it's a standard WordPress filter.

But I don't know how to do that and I need some help.

Thank you very much

Answers (2)


Julio Potier answers:

Hello i can do this for you, can you come on skype/gtalk ?
I'll code this and you'll try, we will find a way together ;)
Please bear with me :)

Julio Potier comments:

Skype: julio.boiteaweb
Gtalk: [email protected]

Julio Potier comments:

The new <strong>json-api/singletons/api.php</strong> : [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]
The new <strong>json-api/singletons/response.php</strong> : [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

This is a plugin hack, there is no filter :/ I played with "ob_start" and stuff like that to make my own simple cache code.

Julio Potier comments:

Job done ! :)


meshint answers:

Are you making a call to a JSON feed somewhere?

Can we see your code?