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CSS a link and hover WordPress


The development site is

The top menu (manually coded) and the next and previous links at the bottom are suppose to be dark brown on the active and then #FF0066 for the hover.

I am also using cufon text replacement for both parts (just in case that is something you need to know.)

So, in conclusion, I need the CSS to make sure the hover becomes pink.


Answers (3)


Pippin Williamson answers:

Try adding the "important" declaration to the hovers.

For example:

.menu a:hover {
color: #000;

Nile Flores comments:

did not work

Pippin Williamson comments:

Woops, sorry, I forgot to include the "important" part.

Try like this:

.menu a:hover {

color: #000!important;


Nile Flores comments:

I have tried that (you can see I did in the code)... however... the menu attribute is an id, not a class so it would be #menu

Pippin Williamson comments:

Try fixing the syntax error first (see attached)