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On my Superfish menu at [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]] I'm having a problem with the sub-menu link color. <strong>When I am on a category or page the sub-menu links inherit the #555 color set for the parent links in the menu, when I would like them to be white like the sub-links in non-active menus.</strong>

.sf-menu a { font-size:11px; background:#; font-family:Helvetica; font-weight:bold; vertical-align:text-bottom; color:#A4A4A4; text-decoration:none; padding:13px; text-shadow:rgba(0,0,0,0) 0 1px 0; text-transform:uppercase }
.sf-menu a, .sf-menu a:visited { }

.sf-menu .current-post-ancestor a, .sf-menu .current-menu parent a, .sf-menu .current-page-ancestor a, .sf-menu .current-category-ancestor a, .sf-menu .active_category a, .sf-menu .current-menu-item a { background:#FFF; color:#555!important; border-right:1px solid #DCDCDC; border-left:1px solid #DCDCDC; height:13px }

ul li .sub-menu a { background:#000!important; color:#FFF!important; border:none!important }

.sf-menu li li { background:#000!important }
.sf-menu li li li { background:#1a1a1a }
.sf-menu li:hover, .sf-menu li.sfHover,
.sf-menu a:focus, .sf-menu a:hover, .sf-menu a:active { color:#555!important }

Answers (2)


idt answers:

Add this to your CSS:

.sf-menu li {
bacground-color: transparent;
.sf-menu a { border-left: 0;}

and try using this for the menu

<?php wp_nav_menu( array( 'depth' => 1 ) ); ?>

idt comments:

Why did you changed the question after someone has already given an answer to your previous question?

Lucas Wynne comments:

Because nobody was answering and your answer was incorrect, so I figured it out on my own.

idt comments:

Not so nice of you to just say my answer was incorrect after you changed the question. You figured it after I gave my answer. How can I be sure that my answer did not give you an idea. Well, thanks though.

Lucas Wynne comments:

You can download superfish and try it yourself on a site. Doesn't work.


Peter Michael answers:

Change the color value from #555555 to #fff for 'ul li .sub-menu a, ul li .sub-menu .current-menu-item a' (line 69) and 'ul li .sub-menu a:hover, ul li .sub-menu .current-menu-item a:hover' (line 70) in the file '/wp-content/themes/Topper/superfish.css'