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CSS Help to make a table/div out of this layout WordPress


Update: Someone is working on this for me...

I didn't see a cssquestions codewise site, but I figured several wordpress experts might know a thing or two about CSS/HTML. The code <em>will</em> be going on a wordpress site, so here goes...

I have this pricing table for a private school:

I'm hoping someone will have the skills and time to put it into a nicer looking css/html/table?/div layout like these:

If you have the skills and time, please give me an estimate for completing the work.

I would need the HTML that I can copy and paste into a wordpress page. I'll then create all the links myself and integrate it with wishlist member.

Added Clarification
Right now the content is black/white, and not very easy to read and follow.

I'd like the table to be easier to read with better color (green/white hues) and styling like the examples on this page:

So yeah, I guess a simpler way of asking would be "I need the table to be prettier" :)

Answers (3)


idt answers:

Hi Rodney,

Will the content of the table be exaclty the data you have at How was the data generated? Will it be generated dynamically or they'll be hardcoded along with the HTML?

I'll be willing to this for you for $50.


Rodney Blackwell comments:

Yes, the content in the table is exactly as it is shown in the screenshot.

The data will be hardcoded along with the HTML.

Rodney Blackwell comments:

Do you have any examples of your work?

idt comments:

Hi Rodney,

Attached is the screen shot. Please let me know if we're good to go so I can send you the HTML.

I have match the color based on your theme. The colors can be changed easily if needed.