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CDN Services for portfolio sites WordPress



I wonder if you have any recommendation when it comes to CDN services that are of use for wordpress and for this type of community?

It must work very well with wp total cache and bp.
I have looked at Cloudfront but I don't really understand their price setup, can anyone explain?
Checked Maxcdn and Cloudflare also.

Anything else you should think about when using this type of services?

Answers (4)


Luis Abarca answers:

I'm using Rackspace Files with W3 Total Cache in on website and W3 Total Cache with Amazon S3 in another one. Both works great.

Basically they charge for bandwidth used (downloads) and actually are very affordable.

Veritus comments:

Ok, I'll check this out! Thanks for the suggestion.


Ian Lincicome answers:

If your looking for something free, Jetpack now comes with a free CDN solution for images. I don't know if that will help if you need more than images delivered by the CDN, but often just using a CDN for images will speed up your site tremendously. I always look for and try free solutions before paying for anything as a habit...Good luck. Let me know if you have questions about jetpack or to get this service activated, all you have to do is download and install Jetpack and activate its Photon module.

Veritus comments:

Sounds interesting, I'll check this out. Though it feels little strange that is free when all the other services are paid. Is there any hook to this?

Ian Lincicome comments:

You asked if there was any hook to using Jetpack. The only hook I know of I mentioned in my post which is that you can only use it for images, other than that Jetpack has been around quite a while and has a good reputation, so I'd say if it fits your needs go for it.

Veritus comments:

Ok, thanks for the suggestion. I'm on testing everything right now.


Clifford P answers:

Ian is correct, especially for a portfolio/photo site:

Also, some WP-specific hosts provide CDN. For example, I use Lightning Base, which includes a CDN (even over SSL). My affiliate link: I've tried WPEngine and SiteGround (in addition to researching many others) and LB has been the best for me in terms of both performance and price, so I've been happy with them. They also provide a discount on additional sites (e.g. first site at $10/mo, second site at $5/mo, third site at $5/mo, etc).

Hope this info helps.

Veritus comments:

Thanks I'll check this out. I already have a 4gb host..but..


Espreson Media answers:

The one of best is Cloudflare which fits with wordpress very well. I use it since its inception...

Veritus comments:

Ok, I see they have a free option and also several other accounts to upgrade.. The only concern, does it work well with bp and also..about the domain, do you get new records?

Espreson Media comments:

NO, you have to change the nameservers only, provided by cloudflare in you domain DNS settings.

Veritus comments:

Oki, tested it with another site. The whole site broke, checked off minify setting on cloudflare and the site runs very slow :(