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Building a custom search box into carrington jam WordPress

Hi There

I would like to implement a custom search into the theme framework "carrington jam", to search a specific category for articles relating to the keywords searched. I would like to set the category being searched by the ID somewhere in the search box code.

I would also like the ability to be able to search custom post types from the category specified.

Anybody got any ideas how to achieve this?

Thanking you in advance for any help given on this subject.

Answers (3)


Kannan C answers:

Try using these plugins

James Cells comments:

This works quite well however sometimes it takes me straight to that category listing page instead of the search results page.

Is there any way around it?

Also is there a way to have more than once instance of this plugin activated at the same time so that I can have various search boxes configured around the site?

Good progress so far on this issue :)

Kannan C comments:

Can you tell me specifically when this is happening? You mean Archives page as category listing?

James Cells comments:

When I search, It goes through to the category page, instead of loading the search results page with the results listed.

For instance , in the carrington jam framework, the specific category and its sub categories load up in it's own template page. With that search plugin, it doesnt really seem to search the categories at all, only redirect the user to that category page that I have selected in the search dropdown box? I have attached the screengrab of the widget.