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Buddypress integration with theme fixes WordPress


Signup and you will see members can't post to each others walls and can't post to groups they can only post to their own wall.

It's redirecting to login every time maybe cache issue not sure.

Need someone to find and fix the issue so that it can function as intended.

Also I had hired a guy to hook up my sidebar to display when a logged in user was playing a game from the free games section - but instead he just ran off with money lol

Can I get quoted for both these things:
1/ Fixes to site ( buddypress integration)
2/ Creating function so that when a user clicks on a game from free-online-gambling page if will write to the users wall what game they are playing and also display in sidebar last 5 players playing w/e games.

Answers (1)


Andrzej answers:

Basing on daily rate £136, find my quotes below:

- fixing wall posting - 2hr - £38
- function to display users playing the game - 3hr - £51
- displaying in sidebar last 5 player - 3hr - £51

I can take the majority of the payment after finishing the job. You can find contact option in my profile.