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Buddypress, Wishlist, S2 and Mingle WordPress


I'm working on a membership site that has a social networking component. We are currently using Wishlist member plugin and are now considering to use Buddypress. It looks like Wishlist and Buddypress aren't compatible, and that S2 will work. Has anyone out there been able to get Wishlist and Buddypress to work together? Another consideration is the theme and that Buddypress works with Woo Canvas, but not other themes. Any insight into this topic with real world experience would be well received.

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John Cotton answers:

Hi Andrew

I can't comment on Wishlist or S2 as I've not used them. But I've done many BP sites so can talk with some knowledge.

The thing about BP is that the plug-in delivers a huge number of pages - registration, profile display and management, messaging, activity, groups etc etc.

It does that with a significant amount of HTML - and pretty precise HTML at that: tab-style interfaces and lots of form elements.

So the issue with just putting it into a theme (regardless of framework) is that it very rarely looks right - it's always seems like a bolt-on.

All that can be solved, either by fair amount of CSS work, or - the best approach in my view - by creating child template pages for each part that match your choose design. That takes time clearly, but overall it's worth it if you're doing something high-end.

If not, then I find it's better to start with one the many off-the-shelf BP themes as a basis for the whole site, rather than working backwards and trying to integrate it well into a non-BP theme.

Hope that helps a bit!