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BuddyPress Menu Tab not showing on Dashboard WordPress

I've set up a WordPress theme and then added BuddyPress plugin to it. The problem is the BuddyPress tab isn't showing up on on left sidebar underneath “Dashboard” on the backend

I can get to pages when I type in the URL such as /wp-admin/admin.php?page=bp-profile-setup but there isn't a BuddyPress menu. Is this normal when you add the plugin to a WordPress site?


Answers (1)


Christianto answers:

Hi Louis Gubitosi,

I try to help..
It's not normal if an admin menu of a plugin not appear.
Is there any error on your wordpress installation?
If no error then your theme or other plugin may interfere it so its not appear.

wp uses global $menu variable to determine position of admin menu like dashboard etc in sidebar.. if some menu has the same position, the last one would appear.

Is there any other menu directly below dashboard?

Try to change theme or deactivated other plugin..