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BuddyPress Accounting per User WordPress


1.Administrator (or specified user / user-level) can enter old transaction history (e.g. Sallie paid $150 via check# 1021 on 4/18/2010 and $37 on 7/21/2011 via check# 1023)
2.Admin can also add new charges (e.g. Added a charge to Sallie on 1/20/2012 for $50 for sign violation, and added $75 on 2/2/2012 for annual dues)
3.Each user, within their profile, can see their transaction history and their current amount owed (e.g. Sallie sees her past payments, payment methods, comments, and sees that she owes $125 ($50 + $75))
4.Each user can click to pay via PayPal and it sends them to PayPal with the amount they want to pay (e.g. Sallie owes $125 but only wants to pay $20 right now, so she enters her own free-form amount (e.g. $20) or has the option to select the amount due (like a credit card statement payment) - also Administrator can specify the smallest payment amount, e.g. $5.00)
5.Once completed payment, PayPal will send notification back to this BuddyPress plugin and add the transaction to the transaction history automatically. (But Admin has ability to override/undo/void it if payment got rejected or if something else weird happened)
6.Ability to bulk-add charges or credits to users accounts (e.g. 20 of the 25 users get dues charged of $115 on 1/1/2013 with the Memo/Comment/Remark of "annual dues" -- select all, deselect 5, commit)

Any other bright ideas, I'm glad to pay more.

FYI: Project will be used for managing not-for-profit Home Owners Associations (HOAs) and willing to consider "donating" plugin to and/or WPMU DEV repositories.

•must be attached to specific users (and compatible with BuddyPress front-end profile once logged in)
•must be MultiSite compatible
•must be GPLv2 or more liberal license (WP requires plugins to be GPLv2)
•must be in English
•must be translatable (reference: )


Answers (1)


Gabriel Reguly answers:

Hi Clifford,

That is a not a simple answer, it is a big chunk of code.

Just the PayPal thing is some good 2 hours of work.

So I have suggested a prize 10x bigger.


Clifford P comments:

Thank you for your candid reply. What if the PayPal auto-post part was in 2.0? And just make it so that the Admin can manually log in and record a payment history?

I was told by the author of a membership plugin (can't remember which one off the top of my head) that this would be part of their "custom install that included up to 2 hours" pricing ($197 I think), instead of the free version of the plugin. I didn't want to be dependent on a separate membership plugin just for this functionality. But at a price of $500 or similar, it would be more cost effective to just do that.

Also, I think the plugin would be valuable to the author to be able to sell/support it (ie build it for $x but make more money off it over time).

So is there a version of the plugin that doesn't have the auto-PayPal "receive the payment confirmation" part that we can get put together? Or any other thoughts?

Thanks so much.

Gabriel Reguly comments:

Hi Arnav,

Sorry, but I think you should request a refund as soon as possible in order to prevent the prize going to Community Pot.

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

I would gladly discuss with you a project for these requirements, but do you already have another budget in mind?

Honestly, even at $500 am I not sure if it would be of my best interest to create such code.

That was just an estimate, see the other folks are proposing you 197 for only 2 hours of custom install work of their membership plugin.


Clifford P comments:


Thanks for your feedback. :)

Clifford P comments:

Just curious -- what do you think of the plugin's usefulness / marketability / value?

Gabriel Reguly comments:

Sorry Clifford,

It was a bad mistake, I was looking at another question at the same time, hence the name change. :p

As marketability of the plugin, it is hard to me said something about it.

My advice would be to first find a paying customer who see value in the plugin, that would a good measure of its value.

Here in Brasil, we pay a monthly fee to a company who 'manages' the building we live/work and the company takes care of all the invoicing and payments needed.

Good luck,