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Best way to format static page WordPress


sorry newbie question: I am building a wordpress site with listing of companies on one of the my static pages. I want to separate each entry with an option for the reader to rank with comments. any templates or themes or plugin that will give me these features?

Answers (2)


Maor Barazany answers:

Try this plugin for [[LINK href=""]]comment rating[[/LINK]]


Joachim Kudish answers:

You could also try GD ratings which allows you to do the same thing but with any content type, including comments.
If you give more details of what you need to achieve, we might be of better help, good luck!

Fred Jumayao comments:

Thanks to both of you for the quick reply.
@Maor, I already have comment rating maybe I'm not using it properly.
@Joachim, to elaborate on my request example:

Listing of about 20+ in the following format

Company xyz
contact info

on a column on the right side of each company entry I want some sort of rating and comment section, that possibly overflows to another page.

Fred Jumayao comments:

I haven't picked a winner because I don't think my question was answered sufficiently, but according to the FAQ that remains a WP decision.