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Best theme/template available for my idea? WordPress

Hey guys,

I am creating a website similar to these websites -

It's a site where you share popular stories and videos.

I am making my website through Wordpress, so please send me links to the best theme that will suit my website. The person who can give the best theme/template for this kind of website will get paid. I know where to get the themes/templates, I just want links to an actual template or theme.


Answers (3)


Sabby Sam answers:

Hi there,
Here you can try these themes

If you would like to try for custom theme development, kindly contact with me personally. I can show you some of my recent works as well.
Thank you

faster789 comments:

I am looking for a specific theme, I know WHERE to get themes, I just don't know which one.

I am looking or a template/theme best for my website.

Sabby Sam comments:

Then try this one ( )

Beside this you need to customize according to your requirement. None of theme are ready as you showed the link. You need to do little modification. I hope this will help you.


Bob answers:


Mads R.H. answers:

This one is really good and might fit your needs: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]