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Best plugin/theme for a reverse fiverr website? WordPress


I would like to know the best plugin/theme to create a website like amazon mturk/taskrabbit. This is essentially the inverse of a website like fiverr.

I’m trying to create a site where someone (we’ll call an advertiser in this case) can post a need (can’t go into much detail) they need solved/done and the price they’re willing to pay to have it done. Users can log on and check these needs and click on the one they are willing to solve.

I need a plugin/theme with a flexible payment system where the advertiser determines the price for the project but is the one to pay the user. I’d like to take a percentage fee for every transaction that’s done over the site. It looks like themes and plugins like pricerr and dokkan are the reverse of this where users post what they can do at a price and the ‘advertiser’ pays them. I’d like the advertiser to determine the price in the post, the user contact the advertiser, and then the advertiser puts payment into escrow which is released upon completion by the user.

I’d love some guidance on this as there are SO many plugins and themes. I don’t want to have to purchase a lot of these in order to make sure I get this right.

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MDan answers:


I'm not really sure if I understand what are you trying to achieve but I'll give it a go, as I've been in the same place as you, just that my idea is a little different.

I'm currently building something similar with WC Vendors multivendor plugin (a hybrid between a physical products and a services marketplace) and I've researched quite a few solutions in the past months (almost a year).

For a digital marketplace (I guess this is closer for what you want to do) I strongly recommend the Easy Digital Downloads plugin along with the Marketify theme and the sheer number of extensions compatible with EDD:
They have a lot of add-ons also:
3rd party

Also the guys from Engines Themes are somewhat niched for this kind of marketplaces, but they use a closed, proprietary functionality and I think that holds against them (compared with Woocommerce).

If I didn't understand correctly and you actually want a services marketplace, you can use:
(Btw, I recommend Wc-Vendors over Dokan, the quality of code/support/extensibility if awesome. Their plugin works great with official Woocommerce plugins so this makes the eventual later needed integrations more subtle).

WC Vendors free plugin
WC Vendors Pro
WC Vendors Bookings integration:
WooCommerce Bookings version 1.9.x
myCRED points and reward plugin (only if suitable)
WC Vendors auction integration (only if suitable)

For WC-Vendors you can integrate even rewards and points functionality (just like in MTurk) with myCRED plugin. . I guess you would want this also.

Wc Vendors even have a solution for auctions based functionality you need integrating some kind of bidding system also:
It integrates with the WooCommerce Simple Auctions plugin and you can build a full featured auction based multi vendor store.

These themes are compatible with WC Vendors and closer for what are you trying to build:

OR (I really recommend this theme for your kind of project)

Basically, I guess the functionality would be as follows:

• Buyers should able to make offers on products. Vendors should also be able to make offers easily through a private messaging system. (Woo + WC Vendors + Buddypress) - all of them free

• Vendors should be able to add individual tax rates for their products - Woo + WC Vendors

• Vendor / Buyer communication. Simple messaging system to ask questions (private and public) - Buddypress or a custom coded messaging solution, it could be done easily - the Handy theme already has this

• When a visitor changes product filters, the results should automatically update in the view (WC Vendors)

• Payments need to go directly to vendors. Commissions for our platform should not be taken before the payment is made to the vendor, but it should be charged *after* as a second transaction. (Paypal Adaptie Payments or Stripe Commisions - both supported by WC Vendors)

Eg. A vendor sells an item for $100. They get the entire $100 payment sent to them automatically via PayPal or Stripe. A second transaction is processed immediately afterward for our commission fee on the vendors PayPal account.

• Notification System for when an item is sold, a private message is received etc. (Woocommerce + Wc Vendors)
• Refund functionality: If a vendor refunds a purchase, the amount to the buyer is automatically sent back via PayPal/Stripe, and the commission fee is also refunded to the vendor automatically. (supported by Stripe I think)

WC Vendors has an Escrow like feature, just set to pay the commision at a later time not at the moment the order is placed (E.g. the advertiser could program the commisions to be payed after the service has been done by the user).

Regarding this, just recently (a few days ago) the guys over are testing the integration with WC-Vendors (this is in testing phase)
I think that first and foremost you should clarify your future specifications, just to be sure that the help you receive is correct and to the point. You can browse through the aforementioned resources and decide what is the bes option for you.
Otherwise I advise you to get a consultant for this job, it is time consuming, I have documented my multi-vendor platform idea for at least 6 months and I can find myself blocked from time to time (business wise).

Disclaimer: I'm not in any way affiliated with WC-Vendors or EDD but I've chose WC Vendors for my own projects and I've heard great things about EDD.



Kyle answers:

You will need some custom coding to get this done, to my knowledge there isn't anything that will fit right out of the box.

My suggestion (if you're trying to use a combination of existing plugins) would be to use a combination of Woocommerce, Gravity Forms, and Paypal Adaptive Payments.

Gravity Forms would be used to create a "product" that is automatically then sent to a Woocommerce checkout procedure and the Paypal Adaptive Payments checkout gateway can then be used to collect a commission and forward payment to the answerer. You'd keep the product as "processing" in Woo rather than completed. After checkout the product is listed as available to answer, once it is answered the answerer's paypal email is attached to the "product/question" and marked as complete and the funds are moved around. This allows you to collect and distribute the money effectively.

It is tricky but doable, I've written similar things in the past. You have to think abstractly if you want to get it done with existing (reliable) plugins.

Rich Davis comments:

Could this be used in combination with dokan theme/plugin? They have an existing escrow model but as you mentioned it's primarily meant as a fiverr clone instead of the inverse (what I'm looking for).

Kyle comments:

Possibly, I don't know enough about the theme to give a firm answer. A developer would need to actually be able to look through all of the plugin/theme code to see what can or cannot be extended. In general it is better to start with plugins that are working and bring them forward to try and get to your solution, rather than take an existing solution and try to bend it backwards to fit your needs.


Mohamed Ahmed answers:

Hello Rich,

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Subtilty answers:

You could try which gives you a platform where people post jobs and then other propose for it. There is also an escrow feature built in for Paypal.