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Backend-Pages with Frontend-Themes (Again!) WordPress


My question [[LINK href=""]]from here[[/LINK]] did not give me a proper suggestion, so i might start over again and hope for a good call from you!

I looked around a little bit and i was wondering if this theory could work in practice:

Want i basically wanted to do was to have the post-new.php and the user-edit.php pages surrounded by my themes header, sidebar and footer.

But when i f.e. change this:


into this:

i get a lot of call to undefined functions.

How can this work?

Answers (4)


Oleg Butuzov answers:

as i understand you want something like this?

phil wars comments:

yes but with my header, sidebar and footer

Oleg Butuzov comments:

check this theme (you can grab code from there). that's is screenshots from.


Milan Petrovic answers:

You can't do that, or anything similar. Admin side is very different from front end, and you can't just mix them. There is no plugin that can help you, or theme that already has that implemented, because it can't be done.

The only way to do it is to write it from scratch, and code everything needed from back end into front end, and that is very, very complicated to do. TDO MiniForms plugin can be used to add new post into front end, but it's very limited compared to real back end and implements only some of the post features.

phil wars comments:

speaking of TDOMF... I already tried to use it.

But i can't access the Form Hacker. I did not want to show my users this ugly form.

But when there is no other way to get the profile-editor in the frontend (i dont get cyc to run) i must noch use TDOMF. I'd like to have either both or none in the frontend.

Milan Petrovic comments:

Trust me, without some serious recoding and major changes there is no way to bring back end panels into front end. Best way to do this is to write custom plugin that will get what features you need into front end, but that will be big task to do, and will never be close to what back end panel does.


Bill Hunt answers:

The other route that you were going down is far more doable than this one, I'm afraid. Short of tearing the whole admin template system apart and redoing it, you can't reuse the fronted components on the backend - wordpress is just too single-mindedly built for that, not modular at all.

The suggestions made in the other thread were actually pretty good. What you're asking for is something that requires a *very* significant change to the base behavior, so getting familiar with the intimacies of plugins & templates is a must. No offense, but if that other stuff was over your head, you might need to hire someone to do it for you - and that's a lot more than $8 worth of work. ;)

phil wars comments:

i understand. normally it should not be a problem to get like customize your community to run, but i simply can not work it out. seems to be bad luck...


Daniel Wiener answers:

Here is a tutorial on how to customize the backend of Wordpress. It should get you started.