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BIDS - create a validation system for a custom-theme WordPress

My question is based on [[LINK href=""]]this answer[[/LINK]] on wp-stackexchange.

I have put in a lot of effort to create a custom theme for specific business. Now I would like to protect my theme with some sort of validation system wherein it would require either a valid API or a valid license string (whichever is more efficient or faster) for the theme to run. This system should not create any sort of difficulty to those who have paid and once are in the approved list of keys. Nor should it be difficult for me to maintain. If possible, i would like it not to cause any significant performance issues. I would like it to be as simple but thorough as possible. I would like it to be integrated within the theme itself (no plugin).

Bottomline is, at the end of the day, even if someone has a copy of my theme, although they would be able to install it but it should not be able to function without a validated license or API key, that I have approved of. I am open to suggestions or criticism.

In order to make it easy for everyone, here is how I will select the bidder for this work. In the provided email id below, a bidder will send me an email in this simple format.

Here is my BID.
Here is how my system will work.
Here are the things you ( the asker ) are required to do or is expected.
Here is why my system is good.
Additional suggestions.

I will select an expert based on the response and the amount of bid. I will be waiting for email/s. Feel free to ask anything relevant to the question.


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