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BBPress Forum page not showing properly WordPress


Hi Guys

I installed BBpress on the development site here

Page works fine.

When I moved it to the live environment it worked ok for a while then suddenly all I get is this

Where would I start to troubleshoot it?

Answers (1)


Andrea P answers:

site is password protected..

anyway, first of all you have to define what "suddenly" really means. Surely something has changed in the environment, otherwise it's impossible that the forum just stopped working.
have you updated wordpress just before the issue? or any plugin? which plugin?
have you changed any setting in general wp or in bbpress?
have you edited any file?

Steve Watson comments:

Thanks Andrea, it was a long day yesterday and my question was a bit rubbish, sorry about that.

Your advice is spot on, I had changed some things so will go back and check it all out.