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Awesome Filterable Portfolio plugin one time only? WordPress


Hi Guys

Is it possible to use this plugin on more than one page with different categories showing on seperate pages?

If not can you suggest a good alternative with similar functions


Answers (2)


zebra webdesigns answers:

Hello Steve

I have found the following plugin that does the thing which you want.
Its not a free one though. But worth a try


they also offer free version. you can try it. once satisfied you can buy the premium one

Free version



Eric P. answers:

I looked at the plugin you referenced.

There are not any options in it, as written, to do what you want.

Like most "portfolio" plugins, the code in that one is fairly ugly.

It has some side effects that you should be aware of. The biggest is that if your theme puts the "Edit this post/page" link at the bottom of the post/page, after the portfolio, the "Edit this" link will edit the last portfolio item, not the page/post you clicked the "Edit this" link on.

I've seen portfolio code in themes that is more flexible, but not as a separate plugin.

Modifying that plugin would be fairly trivial. Do you want only one portfolio per post/page, and the "portfolio category" for the post/page to be meta information for the post/page? Or do you want a parameter added to the shortcode to specify the category for the portfolio, so you could have multiple portfolios on a single page with different categories?

Eric P. comments:

As an update, the "Nimble Portfolio" free version that @zebra_webdesigns suggested does appear to use better coding practices, and does not have the side effects I noted for the plugin you were using.

The developer of the Nimble Portfolio claims that their "Premium version" does what you want.