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Autofocus+ to work with lightview WordPress


Hi there
Need someone who can help me here. I need my Blog to work with Autofocus+ and lightview.

What i want is for the images on the front page thumbnails(see to open full-size in Lightview (I installed all on my system allready) instead of opening the page of the single post.

(This WP-Blog is a test one, so it can work on it without going down with the main Blog)

thanx in advaced if someone can help here!

- Duri

Answers (3)


Denzel Chia answers:


If you are willing to raise the price money to $40,
Send me your test blog login details to [email protected]
and I will set it up for you like


Denzel Chia comments:


Thanks for raising the price money.
Please send me login username and password to [email protected]
I will fix it on your test blog.


Denzel Chia comments:

Hi Duri,

It's done on your test blog, the changes are in thematic-functions.php
more details in my reply email to you.



Luke Mackenzie answers:

For a start, I wouldn't use Lightview. It uses prototype and scriptaculous. Wordpress have standardised on jQuery so you should too. You are loading way too many javascript files on your front page (over 400k). Try fancybox - its much nicer.

Also have you considered how a user is going to get to your posts if you change the links on your front page to pop-up a lightbox?

Anyway, to make it work the way you want, I suspect you are going to have to edit the theme and/or the plugin so that the link and image tags are changed appropriately. If you don't know any PHP, you are going to struggle. If nobody with direct experience of the theme and plugins you are using posts here, contact me via and I'll try to help you out.

el_duca comments:

Hi here is what i would like to have: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

i tryed to integrade fancybox but this does not work, so i kept on searching: and here i found a possible [[LINK href=""]]post here[[/LINK]]

is this the solution? maybe you can help me with this?

i am no PHP-Pro and no coding newbie. but still need help here!