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Autofocus pro theme - browser compatibility WordPress



I'm just finishing up my site ([[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]), which uses the Autofocus pro theme, but there are several issues I need resolved.

1) In firefox and IE there is a blue border on the top and left hand side of the pics, which needs to be removed.

2) The Garamond font that is used on headings on Macs defaults to Times on PCs. But the weight in Times is much thinner, almost pixelated when it is used on the hover state of the homepage tumbnails for example. I like the way it looks on Mac in Garamond and need to get this consistent on PC so these Times headings look similar in weight.

I'm not technically minded so just want someone to take the wp-admin login and make sure the site is compatible across the major browsers, addressing these problems specifically and if anything else is spotted then I would consider paying extra.

I look forward to hearing from an expert!



Answers (5)


Pippin Williamson answers:

I can take care of all those things for you. If you'd like, you can email me the username and password to [email protected]


Chris Lee answers:

Hey pascal:

I could fix this for you. [email protected]


enodekciw answers:

1),, { color: #fff; }

easy-fix for image borders ;)

2) My FF (windows7) renders Garamond. So, I can't really get your problem here. Maybe you could add some screenshots?
Btw, you should know, that you cant always get EXACT looking fonts on mac and pc. Recently, I had some project where I had to use 8px Arial bold. Mac rendered it correctly, and tho' couldn't get it working on the pc ;(


Louis Gubitosi answers:

Pascal, to remove the blue lines around the images, add these 3 styles to your style sheet.



Dan | gteh answers:

I cant see the blue border around the images so maybe it was fixed but:

img {border:none;}

should remove the border from all images.

Regarding the font, it seems to work for me on a mac, but have you thought about using CUFON for your fonts?

You can use it to turn any piece of text into an image using the font you selected that way it is compatible and viewable on any computer regardless of whether the font is installed or not. The text is still readable by search engines too.