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Autofocus pro - moving the menu bar + other small design tweaks WordPress



I'm new to using wordpress and am having a few issues that I hope have some simple fixes. I am very definitely deficient in programming skills so any help would be greatly appreciated!

I am currently using the autofocus pro theme, definitely not to it's full potential but I'm kind of liking how it's starting to look.

My current draft version of my website can be found here: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

At the moment, the menu bar is covering up my logo and I don't like the position of it.

I cannot work out how to get it in the more traditional "thematic" spot below the logo, and I would like my menu to be placed below the logo, a bit like the following:

home | the horse | nature | travel | services | about | news | contact |</strong>

I also don't like the fact that each page's title comes up automatically on the page (e.g. "<em>home</em>" that I can't get rid of on my root page"). How do I get rid of this?

Thanks in advance for you time and assistance. I can't wait to get the proper version working.


Answers (4)


Bill Hunt answers:

In your theme's style.css file find: <em>#branding</em> and add:
height: 50px

Then find <em>#access</em> and change:
float: right;


margin: 0 0 0 -612px;

margin: 0;

caroline comments:

That's almost worked - it's much better! Thanks.

However, the menu bar appears to be aligning to the right but I would like it to align to the left so that the site looks crisp and tidy. How can I get it to align left?

Bill Hunt comments:

Just find <em>.menu</em> and delete this:


That seems to be screwing things up still.

Bill Hunt comments:

Also, can you explain <blockquote>I also don't like the fact that each page's title comes up automatically on the page (e.g. "home" that I can't get rid of on my root page"). How do I get rid of this?</blockquote>

Do you mean that you don't want the current page to show up in the nav? So "home" doesn't appear on the home page, "the horse" doesn't appear on the horse page, etc?


Jignesh Patel answers:


To fix the navigation menu, In your style.css

For #access (line 80), replace
width: 560px;
width: 568px;

To get rid of the title (e.g. 'home'), in your style.css

#content .entry-title (line 180), add one more line:
display: none;

caroline comments:

this appears to have made the font size smaller for the title (e.g. home) but doesn't seem to have removed the text full stop.

Jignesh Patel comments:

Hey caroline..

There is a mistake in the CSS.

You have put the 'display:none' outside the opening brace '{'

Currently its looking like..

#content .entry-title display:none; {padding:0 8px;margin:0 0 22px;font-size:48px;line-height:44px;letter-spacing:-1px;font-weight:200;float:none;clear:both;}

Instead of that, it should look like..

#content .entry-title { display:none; padding:0 8px;margin:0 0 22px;font-size:48px;line-height:44px;letter-spacing:-1px;font-weight:200;float:none;clear:both;}

I hope you can see the diff. above


Navjot Singh answers:

You forgot to link to the current draft version of the website. Please do that.

caroline comments:

ah damn - tried to be clever and link it...

website is:

still very draft like!!


Rashad Aliyev answers:

I'm available, you can contact with me..