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Autofocus+ Wordpress Theme, image centering on main page WordPress


Hi guys

I know this is probably just a simple fix but for the life of me, I can't find an answer to this question anywhere. Hopefully someone can help.

I created a site using the autofocus+ theme, and I'd like to be able to dictate the alignment of the images showing up on the main page so they are top aligned rather than center aligned vertically.

This is for a young relative of mine who is applying for college, and wants to showcase her work online. Problem is, the vertical centering makes the site look odd because all she has is figurative work (drawings from live models), so the vertical center of the image almost always ends up being - you guessed it - the crotch (or butt) which just looks idiotic.

Is there an easy fix to this? Not too familiar with PHP, but if you tell me which document to alter, on what lines of code, etc., I can drop it in there easily.



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Pippin Williamson answers:

Can you post a link to the site so we can take a look at it?

Nat G comments:


Pippin Williamson comments:

AutoFocus+ uses WordPress's post thumbnails for its image display . . . meaning that (unless I'm wrong) there is not a way to control how the image is cropped.

However, what you could do, is upload two versions of each drawing: one that is resized to the same of the featured thumbnail, and one that is the regular full size for display on the post content page.

Nat G comments:

Updated: In answer to Pippin

Hi Pippin, thanks. The theme uses what's in posts to generate previews on the front page. So if I create two different posts containing the same image (one cropped, one full), there doesn't seem to be a way to make the cropped preview on the front page directly link to a different post containing the full version. It just opens the post from which it was generated (the cropped version), which defeats the purpose because you want to be able to see the whole drawing. Unless I'm missing something.

Of course within the post of the cropped version, you can link the image to another post containing the full version, but then it takes three clicks to see the proper image. You can see this in action on the home page - second image from the top (left).

I'm hoping for a solution within the PHP code to change the image alignment to top on the front page previews, if it exists.

Thanks a lot for looking into it


Pippin Williamson comments:


What I was referring to is actually easier than what you said.

WordPress has a "Featured Thumbnail" feature, which AutoFocus uses. When you write a new post, there should be a small box in the bottom right that says "Set Featured Image". Upload a smaller, cropped image with this, then insert a full, regular image into the main post content.

This should achieve the result you're looking for.

Nat G comments:

Hey, that's awesome! Thanks a bunch