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Autofocus+ Pro: slider Layout and JQuery AnythingSlider control WordPress


First I wanna have the first Autofocus theme "OldStyle" look, but with the slider inside. I'm working on it but I can't find the solution:

Second, when I try to change the default value in wp-content/Autofocus/Js/ jquery.anythingslider.js:

$.anythingSlider.defaults = {
easing: "swing", // Anything other than "linear" or "swing" requires the easing plugin
autoPlay: true, // This turns off the entire FUNCTIONALY, not just if it starts running or not
startStopped: false, // If autoPlay is on, this can force it to start stopped
delay: 3000, // How long between slide transitions in AutoPlay mode
animationTime: 600, // How long the slide transition takes
hashTags: true, // Should links change the hashtag in the URL?
buildNavigation: true, // If true, builds and list of anchor links to link to each slide
pauseOnHover: true, // If true, and autoPlay is enabled, the show will pause on hover
startText: "Start", // Start text
stopText: "Stop", // Stop text
navigationFormatter: null // Details at the top of the file on this use (advanced use)

of AnythingSlider Jquery nothing change in my slider...

Where I'm wrong?



Answers (1)


Denzel Chia answers:


If you are willing to increase the price money to $90

I am willing to give it a try.

First of all, please send an email copy of your autofocus pro theme zip file to me.
Please confirm that you want to add the slider to original style front page,
and you also needs to know how to change the slider settings.

Please send to [email protected], I will do the modifications on your theme zip file.


Andrea Scaglione comments:

Ok Denzel thanks for the JQuerry answer.