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Autofocus Pro - lightboxes won't work! WordPress


I have reached my wit's end. I am running the AutoFocus Pro theme with jQuery Colorbox. While I'm sure my vacation has nothing to do with it, it worked fine before vacation, and stopped working after vacation. Nothing comes up in a lightbox, just defaults to an image page.

I don't recall making any changes to make it stop working, but it's possible that I did. I've torn down the entire site (deleted www directory) and started over. I found that with nothing else installed except the single AutoFocus theme and Colorbox, it still didn't work.

I don't know enough about code to look through. Please help!!! The site's a total wreck now from tearing down, trying new plugins, uninstalling and setting up test pages s there's only one page you can use as a demo.

If you click on any of the images within the body, they go right to the linked page instead of to a lighbox gallery. Please help!!

Answers (3)


Peter Michael answers:

When you insert the images into the post, you should set the 'Link URL' to 'File URL', not 'Post URL'.

leconteurX comments:

Peter Michael,

You must be kidding. So maybe it was vacation after all and I simply forgot what the heck my process was. I think this is all it was, however, I want to get a few posts up and verify a little today and I'll post payment.

Thank you, thank you (hopefully) for saving me from certain insanity.


Peter Michael comments:

You're welcome ;-)


Sənan Quliyev answers:

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Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

Please, send me the folder of your theme. I install it on my server and i look at this
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