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Autofocus Pro Not Generating Thumbnails on Front Page. WordPress


Pretty experienced wordpress user and at this point I'm at a complete loss.

Just upgraded to the Autofocus Pro theme with the latest of Thematic. After initial upgrade, the theme generated thumbnails and placeholders for where there were none.

In an attempt to begin from the ground up, I deleted all of my posts (pages remain). No thumbnails, fine. I then began creating new posts to test the theme. The slider worked great, but then, even after 12 posts, there are no thumbnails or placeholders for them.

I tried Regen Thumbnails plugin, looked over what code I could understand, attached images to every post (even if some weren't the right size) and still no luck.

What am I missing?


Answers (1)


Denzel Chia answers:


Do not use the latest version of thematic theme. Use version
You can download it here,

The latest thematic theme versions is causing the image grid layout to disappear and image grid becomes equal sized. Autofocus pro version 1.3 is not updated to handle the latest thematic theme version


Phil Abatecola comments:

Negative Ghost Rider.

I installed the Thematic version you're referring to and the same problem persists.

BUT! In a new twist, I decided to activate the free version and the layout worked! Unfortunately, my original problem still needs to be resolved.



Denzel Chia comments:


<blockquote>BUT! In a new twist, I decided to activate the free version and the layout worked!</blockquote>

Looking at the change log within the style.css of the free version 1.2, it is fixed for latest version of thematic theme version
That is why the layout worked.

I doubt the author had send you any fix for the premium version autofocus pro 1.3 to work for thematic version

However you can try to ask the theme author for a update patch for your theme.


Denzel Chia comments:


visited your blog, and you are using thematic
with autofocus pro. Seems like you are following my suggestion, although you claim that it does not work. Your front page image layout is working now.

I appreciate if you award me the price money and close this thread.