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Autofocus+ Pro | Category Archives pages > Square Image Grid WordPress



I am using the Autofocus+ Pro theme and am trying to get three category archive pages in my site to look like the square image grid seen on the homepage.

My homepage is:

The three pages I want to have this same layout is:




So when you click on "Photography" it brings you to a page with all of the posts categorized as "Photography" are displayed in a square grid image format just like the homepage. I don't love the vertical post list that the category archive page template currently utilizes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

Answers (1)


juan manuel incaurgarat answers:

i can give it a try if you provide me ftp access.
i need it to edit the template file for the categories, and it would become handy to see how the index does the grid system.
wordpress admin access will be good too, in case that i have to code a custom template page.
you can contact me at [email protected] =)

Daniel Marsden comments:

Thanks for offering to help Juan.

I will send you this information in the morning.