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Autofocus+ Pro 1.3 show complete thematic_post_class in post div WordPress



I want to show the complete thematic_post_class info in my post divs. In the demo of Autofocus+ pro the source code looks like this (

<div class="hentry p1 post publish author-wordbk-com category-music tag-jay-electronica tag-just-blaze tag-transformations is-excerpt auto-excerpt wp-teaser comments-open pings-open y2010 m03 d02 h01 slug-portfolio-shortcodes-styles" id="post-63">

When I install the theme my source code looks like this for the post div (

<div class="post-21 post type-post hentry category-okategoriserade" id="post-21" style="overflow: hidden;">

How do i get the complete div class info?

Answers (2)


Denzel Chia answers:


You are using thematic version
Just downgrade to version will solve your problem and fix your home page image grid layout too.

You can download it here,

The demo is using thematic which has a different post class as the latest thematic version.

autofocus pro 1.3 is not fixed to handle latest thematic version.

Switch to twenty ten, then delete latest thematic theme and install thematic version, then reactivate the autofocus pro theme and everything will look like the demo.


John Eriksson comments:

Hi and thanks,

Sounds like it would work, will try this and get back!

Denzel Chia comments:


Just visited your blog
I see its fixed for you.

<div class="hentry p1 post publish author-admin category-okategoriserade untagged comments-closed pings-open y2010 m11 d13 h11 slug-eisenhut-integra" id="post-21">

I appreciate if you can award me the full price money.





idt answers:

The overflow is needed so that your page won't look messed up.

Do you want so that it will display the whole image? If so add this to your CSS; img {
height:300px !important;
margin-left:0px !important;
width:396px !important;

The images won't look good though since they are quite big. You would need a function to resize the images into it's container which is 396pxX300px.

But the above CSS will allow you to display the full images.


John Eriksson comments:

No my question is about the thematic_post_class function. The function creates the CSS-classes on the post divs.