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Autocomplete preventing tags from being saved in front-end form WordPress


Im trying to use jquery UI autocomplete along with a wordress, front-end form. This was in fact built into the theme i purchased (appthemes jobroller), but i am trying to extend it. The form fields are using autocomplete to give the user lists of tags (custom taxonomies called majors and degrees) so that they can choose them. the autocomplete works fine, but when the user clicks to go to the next step, only whichever the last field they filled out is, saves the data. if i remove the autocomplete and just type in tags, the data from both fields is saved.

This is the code from the page with the form:

this is the code from the page that processes that step of the form (i added my new fields in by mimicking the way tags were shown here:

Ive tried every variation of this code i could think of. Ive also tried removing the other jquery scripts that are present on the page. Im desperate to get this working fast, so would like somebody to tell me what im doing wrong and how to fix it. i also need to add in a few more similar fields with! :-)

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Reland Pigte answers:

Can you please show me the link? or you can just PM me to help you out..

jeezyo comments:

Site is not live yet, developing locally. Just sent PM.

jeezyo comments:

Thanks Reland, great job!