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Audio Management Plugin WordPress

I need help creating an audio management plugin for WordPress Multisite. Something that goes beyond a simple jplayer or soundmanager implementation like the of the existing plugins that are available in the WP repository. I've created similar systems in flash but unfortunately due to longevity and obvious roadblocks when it comes to mobile we can't use flash.

I would like to discuss the best possible way to go about this. Currently I'm thinking:

CPT for audio
With Tracks attached via a custom write panel
Album Taxonomy

Using jPlayer for front end.

I know this is very vague but I'm open for suggestions. This could also lead to ongoing work fro the right person if interested.

Upon completion more money will be given.


Michael Keene

Answers (4)


Fahad Murtaza answers:

I can help. Please check PM.

Fahad Murtaza comments:

I understand this can be done nicely with Custom Post type audio and taxonomies for other mp3 information like ID3 tags and so. The media file can be an Mp3 and the new media functionality coming with wordpress is quite useful.

One thing that I see can be useful is a directory parsing script which parses an mp3 containing directory and pulls all the information from the mp3 files and populates wordpress database creating the posts with 'audio' custom post type and the information in the taxonomies related to the very custom post type.

The front end, then can use HTML 5 based players like jPlayer.

Tags can be used for generic organization of audio.

Seems like an interesting project to me.


Abdessamad Idrissi answers:

Custom post type is the perfect way to go for Albums; each post is an album, inside of it a metabox menu to upload the current album tracks and album cover.
Since PHP can read ID3 tags, every track uploaded will pop-up a menu to confirm the ID3 tags or edit them before saving it to database.

With this approach you have an organized structure, instead of inserting tracks in separate posts you group them in albums.

If the mp3 files are already uploaded to the website, a batch script could be created to reproduce the same actions as inserting a normal album with tracks.

Since there's a limited number of musical genres, you can categories albums inside this genres and when someone searches for a track or album, the previously saved ID3 tags will be fetched.

In the front end jPlayer will be used since it supports different browsers and operating systems.

An addition to this is to add the possiblity for creating playlists and stations; somethings like [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

That's the way I would go for such plugin :)


Luis Cordova answers:

is this a sermon's site? what type of music is involved or media?

I have a working site similar done with php.


aaroneight answers:

I did this exact same thing for

Albums are a CPT
Tracks are a CPT
Tracks can be connected to Albums (and visa versa) using Posts 2 Posts
Albums can have a front/back cover (in demo, click on album cover to see it flip sides).
Player is a skinned jPlayer with flash fallback

Happy to do this for you as well. Let me know!