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Arnav, can you please set up my category template? WordPress


Hi guys,

This is a question specifically for Arnav. He has helped me considerably with a number of issues and I was unable to pay him the amount I wanted to pay him for the last job – for some reason I could only increase my payment to him to $76 and I wanted to pay him $90.

Arnav, I want to set up all my category pages so they show excerpts of the article with a small picture to the side, not the full text – similar to how my blog posts appear in the bottom widget on my homepage:

I will pay you $20 for this – not sure if it is worth that much, but I am very thankful for your help with everything else.

I will also add $10 for your help with the last issue that I was unable to pay you in full – I'd give you the extra $4, but after $30 the next option is $50



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Arnav Joy answers:

Hi Ben ,

Thank you so much for choosing me for this work .

I would like to help you for this for sure , will send you PM to get more information .


benjaminconnor comments:

Thanks Arnav,

You're a master :-)