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App to Manage Downloads WordPress

What's the best plugin (free or commercial) that would allow me to generate keyed download links that can only be used 1-2 times, or for 24h and then expire?

Answers (3)


Yakir Sitbon answers:

Perfect Plugin !

Phil comments:

This plugin seems to manage the online store as well. Since we are already using WooCommerce, do you know if there is an integration?

Yakir Sitbon comments:

You can use with this addon:
and in Setting (or each download), you can setup date expire or count downloads.

This is very good plugin, and it's have many addons in (free) or pro in his website..


invisiblevision answers:

Yes brother here is the link to download
It allows to generate temporary Download link that expires after some x time , Please feel free to contact me i can help you to install it also if you wants,


Remy answers:

If you are already using wooCommerce, you can set up downloadable products, and also define the number of times it can be downloaded, and the time before expiration. No need for another plugin.