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An expert who moves the photo galleries... WordPress


An expert who moves the photo galleries from one domain to another one!

I have one domain where i writed some articles with many images. Now i bought another specific domain for this images in another host. I want transfer only a photo gallery (just copy, not move) with specific information of the photos from this old domain to this new one. Is clear what i need? Is not a simple move via FTP the files but i want transfer the specific information that are included in the images and the photo gallery where this images are located for dont re-write all from 0.

Because the articles are protected with password i want tell the domain and the rest only to the expert that accpet the job.

Well i will see if i specific exactly gallery that i want export to new domain if anyone can help ,me for real. Is Nextgen Gallery plugin that have all pictures that i want copy in the new wp domain. I dont have access to the db in the old domain, i have only ftp access. Is possible?

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Clifford P answers:

Do you have access to both the old and new WP databases - maybe via PHPMyAdmin?

mothernatur3s0n comments:

To the new yes, to the old i have difficolt to access to db. But i know exist some plugin that can export or copy the db without have access to the db via phpadmin.

Clifford P comments:

The ACTUAL image files are located on your server, which you can access via FTP. They are located here: /wp-content/uploads/
And they follow this structure: /wp-content/uploads/2011/01/for January 2011 uploads.

You can DOWNLOAD the entire /wp-content/uploads/ folder from the OLD wordpress to your local computer. Then UPLOAD that entire download to /wp-content/uploads/ folder on the NEW wordpress hosting from your local computer.
(WARNING: you might want to upload the sub-folders, not the actual "uploads" folder, to avoid overwriting the new WordPress' files)

DATABASE (where the info ABOUT the actual images is stored):
On the OLD database, go into PHPMyAdmin (or whatever way you choose to access the DB) and do this query:
SELECT * FROM `wp_prefix_of_old_wordpress_installation_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` LIKE '%_wp_attach%'

On the NEW database, go into PHPMyAdmin (or whatever way you choose to access the DB) and do this query:
SELECT * FROM `wp_prefix_of_new_wordpress_installation_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` LIKE '%_wp_attach%'

Post your values here or in a private message.

Clifford P comments:

Make sure to use the correct FROM '...._postmeta' for your specific databases.

mothernatur3s0n comments:

You believe that if I knew how to do all this alone I would have asked for help here? I have no experience in doing these procedures and I can not get in the old db. Looking for an expert who can do these procedures on its own (perhaps through some plugin); the file transfer to local is not a problem but is the db on old host the real problem. Some people said that with a plugin is possible export and import some string of the db or entire db but i dont know wich or how.

Clifford P comments:

You could use a plugin like this to backup/export the OLD database:
[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Then we can import the required parts to the NEW database.

If you need me to remote into your computer, let me know. You can watch as I do it.

Clifford P comments:

My understanding was that you wanted to move only the image files and their metadata that you entered into the database (e.g. title, alt, description, link, etc.). Are you really wanting to just move the entire WordPress installation to a new domain name?

mothernatur3s0n comments:

You have a PM


Romel Apuya answers:

Bt if you have access to ftp of the old one it would be fine i think.
PM me..I can help you with this.

mothernatur3s0n comments:

I will, need 30 min


Graham Kite answers:

Wptwin is a great plugin that will duplicate your entire site into the new server , takes a couple of minutes to create the clone. I am not sure how many pages you have, but I would duplicate the entire site and then delete or hide the pages I don’t want there.

It will take your entire database and is very easy to use.

Graham Kite comments:

I'd be happy to duplicate the site for you and upload it to save you buying the plugin if you like, once done you can delet or hide what you don't want.

mothernatur3s0n comments:

Sound good, i will try to use this, many thanks. We will see how works

mothernatur3s0n comments:

The only problem is that i have already uploaded all files via ftp except db. Its works?

mothernatur3s0n comments:

Ouch, 77$!

Graham Kite comments:

Should not be a problem. when it installs, it would probably override them all.
all you need to do is have a wordpress site installed. I have ftp'd entire sites before but this is easier, I just set up wordpress, and when the site is restored on the new server all the passwords are active and the site is complete.

but you do need a working wordpress site there first. I think backup buddy doesn't need wordpress installed, but I changed to wptwin, found it quicker and easier.

Graham Kite comments:

PS I do it this way, most of the time becuase it's nice to have the site fully functional instanlty. For me messing with the database exporting and importing etc is messy and time consuming, and wordpress and wordpress has bulk delete options which make it quick and easy if you want to delete pages/posts.

Graham Kite comments:

I forgot to add this earlier.
If you have your categories set up properly you can do a filter for the categories you don’t want to show. One you have that you can do a bulk select, once selected you click on the bulk edit drop down and click edit..with all your posts selected this is really quick and easy… Once done look for the categories and then you can set all to private or draught.
This will save you a lot of time. And if you go to your dashboard and drop down screen options you can change from displaying 20 posts to 100 or 200 posts.
So you can do a lot of this very quickly.

Graham Kite comments:

I own the plugin, am happy to do it for you for the $20 here. you can give me temp access I can upload wptwin, create the files, then you can download, and upload to your new server, I will upload the restore install and you will be set to go.

For your security I don't need to download the file, you can do that, so I can't access anything.

Once done if you follow the last post you will be able to hide anything you don't want showing, very quick.

Graham Kite comments:

Also if you go to the tools area in your theme, you can export your old site and then import into your new server. I have never done it this way so I am unsure if it does the database or not.

I tried to do it once on a thesis them and never got a complete skin restoration. Thad to upload a lot of files manually, took way to much time for me.

But it shouldn't take to much to do it.

But as stated I am happy to do it with wptwin it if you nominate me the winner of this question.

mothernatur3s0n comments:

i bought this plugin (98$) but there are some conditions for have success to the clone the site, one for sure is to have a webhost with cpanel. In this moment i have problems to clone the blog. If i have success im glad to nominate you how the winner, different, your suggestion dont get me any advantage but only a lose 98$.

Graham Kite comments:

Didin't know the plugin was that expensive now.

cpanel shouldn't make any difference. It needs to talk to the database, but that has nothing to do with cpanel.

I did offer to do it for you so you didn't have to buy the script.

What did you do exactly? I have never had a problem with it and have used it many times.

you should be able to get a refund on the script? Ithink by law you have a cool off of 30 days for purchases, and if you let them know it didn't work, I m sure they will refund.

Please post exactly what happened.

I would try running it again.
probably clear your existing files and do a new wordpress install first.

step 1 upload wptwin
step2 create clone
step3 download file
step4 install basic wordpress on target site
step5 upload script and file
step6 activate script and run
step 7 delete script.

The script talks to the database and not cpanel, I have used and know many people who use this script and none have said there are any conditions, it has always worked perfectly and people are selling wptwin wrapped sites, there is a business doing that, and as such it must be reliable as this business would get shut down pretty quickly if it didn't work.

so it's not cpanel causing the issue. What else happened? did you set up a basic wordpress site first?
did it upload any files? can you ftp and see what files are there?
Did it install the database?

Telling me it cost $98 and did not work is not helpfull (although understandable), you need to post infromation about what actually happened also otherwise people can't help.

Please post more details, what happened, what is missing etc.

you should be able to contact me through my profile if you want to talk in more detail.

If your database is there and complete you might like to try the export import function in wordpress also. No point however, if your files and database are not there.

Graham Kite comments:

Have been reading through this post, every host will have some sort of cpanel...'control panel" IF you don't have that or can't login get in touch with your host and ask for you cpan login and details. If you have ftp set up you already have your username, password, and possibly your cpanet address. try going to the address your in your brouser and not ftp program.

You will find you can access your database from there and is should say something like sql or databse and you should have a wizard to access and back it up.

But wptwin does not use any of that. It directly calls the database and creates the file.

Please send details about what you did and what happened.

mothernatur3s0n comments:

Nothing, i asked to the owner of the script but i have same a problems, the script is unable to build the clone.